Which Skill Should I Learn First?

That’s a really good question to ask isn’t it?

Which golf skill should I learn first?

After teaching many women golfers what I have found is that if you learn the more simple skills first your confidence grows about the game.

So what is the most simple skill in golf?

The answer is PUTTING

Putting is the most simple of all the strokes in the game from a technical point of view.

But I will stress don’t underestimate it!

If you actually look at the stroke mechanics there isn’t much to the stroke if you compare it with the full swing.

In basic terms you tilt your body forward over the ball so your eyes are directly above the ball and swing your putter back and forth in a pendulum motion. Sounds pretty easy. Well it is when you compare it to other golf skills.

But remember what I shared with you before don’t underestimate it. There is so much more to putting than what you actually see looking from the outside. You have ensure you have the correct grip, stance, posture and alignment not to mention then having a consistent stroke and feel for the ball. Then take into consideration the line in which you want to putt your ball and the speed of the green, oh yes then there is the slope of the green too!

There was a great quote made by Bobby Locke, “Drive for show, putt for dough”. Bobby you are so right, putt for ‘dough’.

So my advice to you if you are thinking of taking up golf or you are even a seasoned player, work on your putting stroke. Always fine tune the stroke, work on the drills because if you get that part of your game to it’s optimal then you are half way there.

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Tiffany Mika

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