Want More Energy Playing Golf?

Playing golf can take 4 sometimes 5 hours on the course, not counting warm-up prior to playing. Of course you want to give yourself and your body at least half an hour to warm up. Warm up your body with stretches and then warm up all your strokes to get a feel for the ball and the movements for the day.

How are you going to be able to keep your energy levels up throughout the game and not feel tired midway through or towards the end of the game?

I have found the best energy drink that helps me play golf, teach golf and train at the gym each day. It also keeps you nice and level right throughout the day just when at work or whatever you are up to!

It is natural fuel for the body without caffeine, stimulants, artificial sweeteners, flavours or colours. It tastes great and is a healthy alternative to high caffeine sugar drinks. It includes alfalfa extract (Medicago Sativa), Betacarotene, Vitamins C and a premium blend of B Vitamins to help replenish energy levels to keep body running at peak performance. It helps your body metabolise fats, proteins and carbohydrates and supports your immune system and is also a great source of folic acid and chromium which is required for strenuous exercise.

Can children have it too? Of course it is so much better than sugary juices and soft drinks.

What is it called I hear you ask?

Well, it is called “Want More Energy”. You can’t get it at supermarkets but you can get it online.

If you go to http://tiffanymika.isagenix.com/au/en/wantmoreenergy.dhtml  you will find it there.

Happy Golfing with Lots of Energy!

 To your golfing success,

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Tiffany Mika

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Tiffany Mika is incredibly passionate about golf and shares with you her knowledge about the game. She shows how you can have an exciting a life when you learn to play golf as you can travel the world playing exotic destinations and meeting lots of fantastic people who all share the same passion for golf.
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