The Truth About Your Putting Game

Did you know that putting represents 43% of your entire golf score?

The Truth About Your Putting Game

That is a really interesting statistic. Yet I see many golfers who don’t take putting that seriously. Many golfers will go out on the the practice range and practice their golf swing on the range for hours in the week.

But where is the putting practice?

I only see golfers ever take their putting seriously on the practice green for 5 maybe even 10 minutes before teeing off….then expecting to be able to sink putts of all descriptions from anywhere on the green.

Is that you?

My question to you is that if you spend most of your time at the driving range hitting balls…which is great to hone your golf swing skills. I am not saying don’t do that because you need to be able to get to the green so that you can putt. But if make it to the green for say 2,3 or 4 shots…then you walk off with an 8 or 9…or even 10 on the score card…what is it saying about your putting?

You make shake your head when you walk off the green when you move to the next hole…you may even carry that what you call disaster putting on the green in your mind to the next tee…then continue to make errors down the fairway and possibly not make the green because you have run out of shots!

Why have you run out of shots? This is because you have carried the last holes putts with you in your mind and it effects the rest of your game. Now I can also bring mind management into this as this is a very important area in golf…but for the sake of this article we will just talk about putting.

To be realistic if you expect to be able to sink more putts more often, then it’s time to apply some more time on your putting game.

If you look at your score and it consists of 43% putts…then 43% of your practice time should be spent on putting.

How Much Time do YOU have to Practice?

Just look at it this way…

If you have 4 hours a week you can practice then you should look at working on your putting game for just under 2 hours a week.

So the plan is getting that putting game working so well, that you can sink more putts with confidence.

To be more confident with your putts you want to make sure your short putts are reliable, that is the first step.

Here is a previous video tip will help you get your short putts reliable.

 Remember putting is most simple of all the strokes in golf…why not work on that part of your game so that it is most reliable in any situation.

Start getting those putting scores down today!

To your golfing success,

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Tiffany Mika

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