Reducing Injuries Playing Golf

It is important when playing golf that you want to limit the amount of injuries when playing as much as you can.

Mentioned in my previous post, “Look after Your Body to Play Great Golf” the most important tool is not your Driver, it is YOU!

So how do you protect your body from injury?

The answer is,  look after it through mobility exercises such as yoga, stability movements, balance and proprioception movements, strength and power movements.

 I know what you are thinking oh my god do I have to do all of that too and also learn how to play?

It won’t take too much out of your day and how your body will benefit by you taking the time to look after it. Not to mention how much better you will feel.

Too often people tend to practice and work on their strengths rather than what challenges them or what they find difficult. Be one of those people who thrives on the challenges as you will be the one who will overtake the rest!

There is so much equipment you can use such as your own body weight, tubing, cables, medicine balls, bosu, stability balls, swiss balls, cardio equipment and traditional weights. But it is important that you don’t limit yourself to one type of training methodolgy in your golf program. Ensure that you are constantlyon a progression of improving and challenging your body.

Always remember there are different skill sets involved in developing a well rounded golfing body. When you begin a program you should ensure that you develop good balance, stability, mobility and basic strength before you upgrade to more advantageous movements.

Before you start your program seek advice of a fitness professional, preferably one who understands the mechanics of golf and always listen to your body and gradually progress through your program.

You will see amazing improvements whilst staying injury free.

Looking forward to hearing if you have taken up a training program.

To your golfing success,

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Tiffany Mika

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