Practice Makes Perfect if Practicing the Right Way

I see too many people who will go out on the course and practice their game or on the practice range/driving range and will hit say 100 balls and think well that’s great I have hit 100 balls today, my game is getting better.

I see these people practicing to their hearts content, which don’t get me wrong, it  is fantastic that they are making the effort to practice but technically not hitting the ball as efficiently and as effective as they could.

I believe there is a misconception with practice when it comes to golf. If you are practicing the wrong technique you are just reinforcing bad habits, that is why your game is not improving or your have plateaued.

When it comes to practice you need to know what you are practicing, you have a plan of what you are practicing, whether it be a particular part of the swing, or particular part of the another stroke ,then when you have got that working in the correct way then start adding targets into the picture.

There is no point in aiming at a target if your technique is letting you down. Work on your technique, refine it, get professional advice, have a plan of attack then go out on the driving range, chipping green, putting green and course and really work on that area of your game that really needs work. You will then find you will start getting the results.

Being a professional teacher I get frustrated watching people and listening to them complain about their game. People expect because they play a few times a week on the course that they should be improving and breaking their handicap. Yes it is great to see them out playing but what are they working on whilst there are out there playing comp? Majority are either working on maintaining their handicap or breaking it. But after their round they come in and are very disapponted with their performance. They tell me they didn’t hit the ball well, couldn’t do what they expected to do.

My question to them and you is have you been practicing the right way? Working on the right technique is so important as you are going to get much better results and be so much more consistent.

If you really want to improve your game you will need to invest some time and effort into practice otherwise golf will continue to get the better of you.

Would love to hear what you are working on and what you are aiming to improve.

To your golfing success,

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Tiffany Mika

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