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Just last week we made the trip down the South Coast of New South Wales to a lovely coastal town called Gerringong. It is only two hours drive south of Sydney.

I don’t normally travel down south I like the north but we thought we would go and stay at a place we hadn’t been to before and play at the local golf course, Gerringong Golf Club.


This is me on one of the tees! Check out the view!

What a fantastic golf course. The course is right on the coast set on the side of a hilly terrain, the course will really test your fitness level. This course will also test your golfing skills. Even though the course is quite open, you still need to make sure you place the ball well off the tee so it will put you in good sted for hitting into the greens.

The fairways are well mapped out, but be warned if you hit the ball off the fairway you may experience the longer grass where you can’t find your ball so make sure you take a few extra balls as reserves with you when you play this course. You will need them!

Reading the greens will test you as well. I am sure you have read that near a water hole the ball will turn towards the water. Well the water hole that this course has is the Pacific Ocean and let me assure you the ball will turn towards that huge water hole. The greens are not flat by any means and will test the keen putter.


Is this the smallest temporary green you have seen?

It only costs $25 to play a round of 18 holes but they have a special deal at the moment $15 during the week. How cheap is that! You don’t have to pay the big money to get the coastal experience you are looking for!

If you are looking for a weekend away, a golfing holiday or even a day trip away, go visit Gerringong, play Gerringong Golf Club You will have a nice relaxing time, have your golf tested, your fitness level tested and a nice time away from your working life.

Go down there for a game and let me know what you thought of the course?

To your golfing success,

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Tiffany Mika

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