Our Body is a Miracle

In my previous post I talked about Nutritional Cleansing and how important it is for the body to cleanse. This post is a follow on from nutritional cleansing.

Our body is truly a miracle, when it is given what it needs to function at it’s optimal it will do it! In simple terms all the body needs is clean air, clean water and clean healthy food. If we give the body these things that it requires then it can take care of itself.

Our bodies have built in systems like the lymphatic and immune systems that have the capability to remove environmental toxins from the body and also combat disease. Therefore it has the natural ability to keep itself healthy and clean.

So the question I have for you is, why aren’t our bodies healthy and clean these days?

Well I believe it is because we are not giving it the right fuel.

We are feeding our bodies chemically processed, genetically modified foods and our body is having difficulty maintaining it’s natural detoxifying mechanisms. For example our liver, it is the best filter known to clean out the impurities. The liver however needs to do it’s job properly and requires sufficient nutrients to do so. If the liver receives the nutrients required it can roughly filter about 2ooo litres (540 gallons) of blood in the day. When the liver receives the right fuel for the body, it is self-repairing, self-maintaining, and self-cleaning power plant.

So if you are consuming chemically processed food and nutritionally deficient foods, our body will have a tough time maintaining it’s natural detoxification system. Lots of these foods taste great but they don’t leave us feeling good. Even many fruit and vegetables grown today don’t have the nutrient value they had years ago, as the soils nutrients are depleted by the pesticides and herbicides. The soil doesn’t have the nutrients it once had.

This is not rocket science but why not look after your body. Flood it everyday with high grade, absorbable organic nutrients that provide the ultimate catalyst for the body to handle the constant bombardment of toxins.

You may feel like you can’t help it, how are you supposed to not breathe the air or eat the vegetables that have had chemicals sprayed on them. Just take precautions and cleanse each day, rid the toxins each day from your body so that you can keep it doing want it was meant to do. 

Look after your body and it will look after you!


To your golfing success,

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