Looking After Your Body to Play Great Golf

I see so many people who don’t give their body enough attention to help them play great golf.

You can play great golf and enjoy the game immensely if you spend some time on improving your body’s physical fitness to allow your body to perform the necessary movements for an effective golf swing.

Over the decades there has been an increase in popularity in golf which then means the production of high-tech equipment and training devices. Golfers are searching for that magical golf club that will aid them in improving their golf game.

With all of this technology has there been a significant improvement in the average handicap? I would like you to tell me!

What is the most important tool in the game of golf?

It is YOU!

When working on improving your game, you will spend the money on golf clubs, spend the time on having lessons and practicing what you have learnt which is fantastic, you should be practicing. But, how much time are you spending on improving the physicalities of your body, such as strength and fitness to improve the efficiencies in your swing?

If you were spending just a quarter of the time you would spend on the golf course improving your body to make it an efficient tool then guess what? You would be able to maintain positions through the golf swing, you would be able get more accuracy, distance and consistency.

Isn’t that what all golfers are on the search for with their game? 

Distance, Accuracy & Consistency.

I teach so many people who could really improve their game quite dramatically if they were to spend the time on improving their most valuable asset.

Their Body!

 To your golfing success,

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Tiffany Mika

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Tiffany Mika is incredibly passionate about golf and shares with you her knowledge about the game. She shows how you can have an exciting a life when you learn to play golf as you can travel the world playing exotic destinations and meeting lots of fantastic people who all share the same passion for golf.
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