Is There a Relationship Between Club Length & Swing Rhythm?

Is there a relationship between club length and swing rhythm?

What do you think about that? If you said “yes there is” then guess what, you are right!

Look at it this way, if a golfer were to have a very fast swing, the swing is violent and out of control, you can’t maintain body positions and club positions or anything  for that matter through the swing then a longer club you would definitely struggle. This is because the faster the swing, the less time you have to get body and club into position therefore, the club will be more difficult to control, therefore, you will experience problems hitting the ball in the centre of the club face.

However if your swing speed was slower and you allowed your body and club to get into positions through a good and easy rhythm then you would be able to manage a longer club length easier.

I am not saying though that this is the answer to all your golfing problems what I am sharing with you is that  your swing speed does affect the length of golf club you use.

There are other considerations to to take into account with regard to whether your golf swing is an upright swing or a flatter swing also which I mentioned in a previous post,

If you are interested in knowing what your swing speed is there are two ways you can find out.

  1. Is to go and see your teaching professional and borrow a swing speed radar. It is an electronic device that gives you a digital read out of your swing speed. Or you can purchase one yourself.
  2. You can estimate your swing speed by the this table below (which I got from “The Search for the Perfect Golf Club” by Tom Wishon)

Club Needed to Carry  135 metres

Estimated Swing Speed


Estimated Swing Speed


7 wood

55 – 60

89 – 97

4 iron

60 – 65

97 – 105

5 iron

65 – 70

105 – 112

6 iron

70 – 75

112 – 120

7 iron

75 – 80

120 – 128

8 iron

80 – 85

128 – 136

9 iron

85 – 90

136 – 144

When you are doing this table above just bare in mind to be honest with yourself about how far you actually hit the ball on the fly to 135 metres. Please take note also that this table is an estimate.

If you were to have a swing speed radar, it is a great learning aid because it would assist you in developing swing consistency and determine your swing speed for distance control and accuracy. You would constantly be receiving feedback from the device.  I am very big on feedback because you need to understand what you have done wrong then know how to fix it so then you can correct it. If you don’t have feedback you don’t know how to correct errors that creep into your game.

Would love you to share with me what you have identified what your swing speed is!

To your golfing success,

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Tiffany Mika

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