Introductory on How to Improve Your Golf on the Golf Course


I have for you a 9 Part series on “How to Improve Your Golf”.

This is the introductory to the 9 part series. I have given you a few things to think about below before you receive my articles on the 9 part series.

 This is every golfer’s dream? To play better golf therefore score better on the golf course.

But first let’s look at why you are playing golf.

Knowing that there are many ways to enjoy the game of golf such as walking outdoors from the exercise that it provides, meeting new people, playing with your friends, the camaraderie that it provides, the distance you can hit the golf ball, the challenge and fascination of the golf swing, the challenge of competition plus all the parts that you can learn about yourself, such as patience, self control and character building.


What about the view?

There are some amazing golf courses that are so picturesque.

All of these reasons above are great why you want to play the game, but you wanted to know how to play better golf so you can score better on the golf course, right?

You want to be the best golfer you can be, so the most important part of the game you are measured by is the Score. Not by how pretty your swing is!

When I was learning to play golf my coach always said to me, “they don’t ask you to draw a picture on the golf card, they ask you to write a number in the box!”

What’s the object of your game?

It to shoot the lowest possible score you can, right?

 So how is this done you are thinking. You think, “I don’t have the time to improve my golf game but I really want to improve my game to the best of my abilities that I have”.

 This information I am sharing with you is not doing a complete overhaul of your golf skills, this is about how to use them in a better way.

 So guess what, it is possible to improve your golf game and scoring but before we begin I want to ask you a few questions…..

 When you are out on the course playing your competition or even playing with your peers on a social level do you notice these things;

  • Do you underclub your shots to the green?
  • Do you overclub your shots to the green?
  • Do you swing too hard and lose control of your shot?
  • Do you automatically play your shot to the flag no matter what?
  • Do you always find trouble (hazards etc) out on the course?
  • Do you try to hard to get yourself out of trouble and find you are in worse trouble?
  • Do you miss the green on the wrong side of the flag?
  • Do you try to hit shots that you have never practiced?
  • Do you panic when you get into the bunker?
  • Do you misread the break on the green?

What about your state of mind?

What is that like on the golf course?

Do you find that;

  • You become impatient?
  • You get over aggressive?
  • You think too much about your swing mechanics?
  • You dwell on a shot already played?
  • You think about the score constantly?
  • You rush under pressure?
  • You practice without a specific purpose?
  • You neglect your short game?
  • You forget to have fun?

Can you relate to any of these questions above?

 How do we turn it around?

What you need to do is KNOW YOUR GAME!

What have you learned so far? Do you know your game? Or how much do you really now in your game?

Stay tuned for the next post on Knowing Your Golf Game.

To your golfing success,

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Tiffany Mika

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  1. Judith July 4, 2012 at 6:30 pm #

    All of the above. I must improve at some stage.

    • Tiffany Mika July 7, 2012 at 5:15 am #

      Hi Judith, stay tuned for the following posts related to this article. It will really help you. 🙂

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