How to Improve Your Golf – What is Your Shot Pattern?

Part 4 of 9 Ways on How to Improve Your Golf on the Golf Course.

What I would like to know is your shot pattern is when you hit the golf ball?

Do you know what your shot pattern is?

Are you reading this and thinking what does that mean shot pattern?

Well, shot pattern is which way does the ball go when you hit it. Your typical hit I am referring to, not a mishit shot, your regular shot that you do majority of the time.

As you can see the above diagram it is showing you the ball flight patterns, the direction your ball goes when you play your shot. It does show the flight patterns for right handed players, so if you are a left handed player the flight patterns are the opposite.

So have a think which way does your ball go?

I am going to list some patterns below to see if you can relate to any of them……

  • Do you draw the ball?
  • Do you hit fades?
  • Do you hook the ball?
  • Do you slice?
  • Does the ball have a lot of spin or does not spin much?
  • Can you work the ball any way you like?

When you find out what your shot pattern is, what the ball most likely does when you hit it, build your game around it.

You have to use what is most reliable for you.

There is really no sense at all in trying to play shots that you can’t hit.

The above information is really aimed at helping those golfers who don’t want to take lessons to improve their game.

However if you are really struggling with your swing and are inconsistent, most likely you have irregular shot patterns then it would be best to take lessons from a teaching professional.

To your golfing success,

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Tiffany Mika

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