How to Improve Your Golf on the Golf Course – What Clubs Do you Hit Well?

This is Part 5 of How To Improve Your Golf on the Golf Course.

I want you to ask you an important question.

What golf clubs do you prefer to hit?

Do you prefer to hit your woods or your irons?

Me personally I love to hit a great Iron Shot. I love hitting with my irons. Mind you, I do love a good wood shot as well. However I really enjoy hitting with my irons, so my answer would be for me is, yep, you guessed it! My Irons!

So what is your preference?

Woods or Irons?

If you prefer to hit with woods it is most likely that you have a sweeping action through the ball. Golfers who have a slower swing speed prefer woods because it has a lower centre of gravity in the head and assists them in getting the ball in the air.

If you hit like to hit irons better than the woods it is more likely that your swing is a steeper swing. Your swing speed is probably high enough to get the ball in the air. You may struggle with the woods, possibly the driver.

Mechanically a swing that sweeps is better than a steep swing as it is more sound and you should be able to hit the ball pretty well with your clubs.

The main point here is pay attention to what you do well.

When you know your strengths, play to them!

 Of course you should work on your weaknesses, but be realistic out on the course, if you have weaknesses that let you down don’t try to push them to unrealistic levels.

The above information is really aimed at helping those golfers who don’t want to take lessons to improve their game.

However if you are really struggling with your swing and are inconsistent, most likely you have irregular shots then it would be best to take lessons from a teaching professional.

To your golfing success,

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Tiffany Mika

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