How to Improve Your Golf on the Golf Course – Hitting Ball Solidly

This is Part 3 of the 9 Ways to Improve Your Golf on the Golf Course.

How often are you hitting the ball solidly?

If you are hitting the ball solidly, like hitting the ball in the centre of the club face quite often? This is a strong indicator that you have good swing fundamentals.

Hitting the ball solid goes hand in hand with control. If you hit the ball well you have a good idea where it is going.

If you hit the ball solid three out of five times, chances are that you have good stroke fundamentals and have the potential to be a single digit handicap golfer.

If your handicap is higher the best way you can improve will be in your short game, your mental skills and course management skills. Unless you then take golf lessons to improve your golf swing fundamentals.

Let’s be realistic though, if you hit the ball solidly less than two out of five times, you won’t be able to break 90 regularly unless you improve your swing fundamentals.

If you are struggling to break 100 concentrate playing your rounds away from trouble and perhaps spending some time in re-correcting your swing that will make immense improvement to your contact with the ball.

This article however is not about taking the lessons as such, it is identifying how consistent you really are to make an accurate assessment on how to improve your golf.

If you are really struggling with your game and are having a problem breaking 100 regularly then I really advise seeking professional help. Don’t do it alone…………. That’s what teaching professionals are for, to assist you to improve your game.

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