How to Improve Your Golf On Golf Course-How well do you Putt?

How well do you putt 2 metres or 6 feet from the hole?

This is a good measure of how sound your putting technique is from this distance.

If you are making putts from this distance with some regularity means you can score better. To be consistent however, will require you to have a good eye for reading putts, a good stroke and good focus. This doesn’t come easily and will take some practice.

But just imagine if you work on your 2 metre/6 foot putt you have actually widened your target for chipping, pitch shots and lag putts. Instead of having to get your chips, pitch shots and lag putts within a foot of the hole, you will take the pressure off and give your self a nice comfortable target of 12 feet or 4 metres. Much better than a 2 foot circle don’t you think?

To give you an idea of what the tour average is for putting 6 feet is about 65%. Now you think about it, these guys are working on their game and putting for many hours every day. There is a big difference in results from 3 feet to 6 feet. At 3 feet the professional golfer averages about 95% success with their putts but there is a significant drop to 65% for 6 feet.

Just shows how challenging putting really is, even though it is the most simple stroke in the book.

If you are finding that you are making less than a third of your 6 foot putts then you have some work to do before you can say that you are wasting shots. If you are missing short putts regularly it will hit your ability to score.

So what you need to do is get out on the putting green and start practicing 1. Your technique so it is sound and 2. Your 6 feet putts from all sides of the hole.

The most important shot in golf is the 6 foot (2 metre) putt!

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