How Does Swing Plane Affect Golf Club Length

What is Swing Plane I hear you ask?

Well, “Swing Plane” is an imaginary surface that describes the path and angle of the club during the swing. If you were to make a perfect upright swing it would look like a ferris wheel.

Therefore how does your swing plane then affect golf club length?

Golfers who have an upright swing plane tend to have a difficult time controlling longer club length. This is because the club travels at a steeper angle down to the ball.

If you have an upright swing plane then you swing your club “over the top” which then swings from the outside of your swing path to the inside of your swing path as you are hitting the ball, more than likely you would be slicing the ball. Using a longer length golf club would be doing you a disservice more than anything.

However if you have a flatter swing plane you are more able to control a longer golf club as your swing path is more around your body enabling you to sweep the ball, rather than the club coming down at a steeper angle like in the upright swing.

The image below shows you three different swing planes. The one on the left is a flatter swing plane, the one in the middle is a normal swing plane and the one on the right is an upright swing plane.

Which one are you?


The point I am trying to make here with golf club length is that it is not as easy to walk up to a golf shop and say “I’ll have those clubs please” if they are not going to be right for you with regard to your swing plane.

If you are thinking about purchasing golf clubs go and talk to a professional who can assist you with the clubs that are going to be right for you!

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