Here’s Why A Good Pre Shot Routine Will Give You Consistent Golf

Developing consistency in golf isn’t easy. It’s especially difficult for golfers whose practice time is limited by their work and/or their families. But there are some things that these golfers can do to help themselves develop consistency, even when they’re unable to get to a range or golf course. One is practicing their pre-shot routine.

Unfortunately, many golfers don’t have a pre-shot routine. Even though they tell me that they do. If they do have a routine, they don’t always use it. And when they use it, it’s disorganized. Their method of ball alignment is haphazard,  they spend too much time over the ball and a lot of the time they line up off-target, among other things. If they the become interrupted, they look up to see what caused the noise—then hit away, as if nothing happened. What routine they had was not utilized to it’s potential due to a disruption.

Using a pre-shot routine is essential, whether on the tee, along the fairway, in the bunker, in a hazard, just off the green or putting on the green. It encourages consistency and it assists you making the transition to the right frame of mind. It also helps you focus on the job at hand. In short, a good pre-shot routine prepares you both physically and mentally for a shot.

Of course, everyone’s routine will differ to a degree, but most will be pretty consistent in terms of their key components. If you’re striving for a lower golf handicap, work these components into your routine.

 Here’s what I recommend…

  • First, stand a few metres behind the ball facing the target. While behind the ball, pick out a target, and picture in your mind where you want to the go… then take a deep breath.
  • Whilst you are a few metres behind the ball, take a nice slow swing to create the swing you want to create when you are standing over the ball.
  • Next, walk to the ball. As you are walking up to the ball take a nice deep slow breath again.
  • Next, place the clubhead behind the ball so that it looks squarely at the target. Adjust your body so that it is parallel to target line.
  • Once you’re set up, look at the target, relax your arms and your hands.
  • Have a cue phrase that triggers your golf swing such as “back and through”, something simple that encourages your rhythm and only ONE swing thought!
  • And then finally, execute your golf swing. Swing smoothly and easily.

That’s it! Use this routine as a guide to developing your own or adapt it as you see fit. Work on the routine until you have something you’re comfortable with, then use it. If you watch professional golfers you’ll see that they all have a slightly different pre-shot routine, but they all have one and they all use it time and time again.

There’s, nothing mysterious about a good pre-shout routine. In fact, it’s rather simple. Each component is designed to help you with the mechanical or the mental phase of the swing. And some of these components can be modified to suit your needs, so you have your own version.

What’s critical, though, is that you use the same routine every time you take a shot. Repetition develops consistency, and consistency lowers golf handicaps. If something interrupts your shot, step away from the ball and start the routine all over again. Doing this assures you that you are focused on hitting the ball.

Repeat this routine on the practice range, on the golf course, in the practice nets or at home, with and without a ball. Practice it until it becomes instinctive. If you make adjustments, practice the new routine until the adjustment becomes instinctive. Use the routine once you have done your technical practice, when you begin aiming at targets. This helps you train your mind and prepares you for when you are on the golf course. When you are practicing you should be practicing with purpose. Therefore practice technique first and ensure that you’re hitting the ball the way you want and create the feel you want for your swing. Once you accomplish this, then start incorporating your pre-shot routine into your practice and aiming at targets so that you can make the transition onto the golf course…which most golfers do struggle with, to make the transition to the golf course. This is a whole article on it’s own.

Next time you go to the range to practice begin to work on your pre-shot routine. Then use it when you’re on the course. You might be surprised just how much a good pre-shot routine helps your golf handicap.

Here is a previous video tip below I have done using a Driver, this routine you can use for all your golf strokes.

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