Getting Your Body Into Golf Shape

Playing good golf is not just about rocking up to the course, practice a few swings on the first tee, maybe a couple of putts on the practice green and then off you go.

Golfers who don’t warm up properly, for example golfers who don’t stretch and don’t warm up the golfing muscles by hitting balls then wonders why they take about 3 or 4 holes to establish any kind of rhythm. When playing the last 6 holes fatigue sets in, it becomes hard to focus and the “wheels fall off”.

Most golfers don’t put it down to being out of condition as they are not out of breath and not exhausted, so they blame their swing, their clubs and anything else that they feel let them down on the day. But they don’t look at their conditioning. Their golf conditioning!

You see you may not feel tired but the muscles used to swing the golf club fatigue and your ability to keep the body and club in particular positions through the swing can’t be maintained. So fatigue sets in, your muscle memory is lost, your rhythm is gone and your round now becomes way more challenging.

In my last post I discussed why practicing was so important Getting your body into Golf Shape is just as important that if you are not in shape for golf your body won’t do the swing justice.

Here are some suggestions for what you can do to begin to get your body into golf shape;

(1) Always stretch before you hit a ball

  • Prior to you starting a practice session always stretch. This helps to stretch out those fatigued muscles as they have been contracted through use, so they need to be losened up so to speak. Spend about 15 minutes stretching your body.

(2) Always ease into your practice routine

  • Ease yourself into your practice routine. If you are just starting on now you have alot more time to practice then don’t go for marathon practice sessions. If you have just taken up running your not going to go on a 20 kilometre run? So golf practice is the same. Do short and more frequent practice sessions. Remember it’s quality practice not quantity.

(3) Commence your practice sessions with the small stuff

  • When you begin your practice sessions, always begin with a putting session. From there you move into chipping, then to pitching and then start working on your full swing. By doing this you are warming up your golfing muscles and you will greatly reduce the chance of injury.

(4) Spend the same number of hours on golf specific fitness

  • If you are spending time on practicing your game, you also need to be conditioning your body. By conditioning your body this doesn’t just mean going for a walk so you can do the distance of 18 holes. I am referring to strengthening your body and those muscles used specfically for golf. Therefore you should work on golf strengthening exercises.

(5) Drink the right fluids

  • If you are serious about looking after your body then drinking the right fluids are also important. Sure if you want to have a glass of wine or a beer after the round then go fo it! Just be aware the alcohol dehydrates the body, robbing your of vital nutrients and liquids. But for practice and playing purposes you should be drinking water and ‘want more energy’. I have talked about ‘want more energy’ in a previous post. Here is the link to refresh your memory

(6) Do something each day to work on your golf game

  • I know and understand that in the world today we are time poor. We are rushing from one place to the next trying to get everything done, then of course we want to fit in golf practice somewhere. If you are retired then obviously you will have more time to work on your golf game. However for those golfers who don’t have the time, there are always activities you can do at home, like putting on the carpet, chipping in the back yard, practicing your swing in the back yard. Even if you give yourself 10 minutes a day, which is 70 minutes a week. It’s the small actions you do everyday that makes a difference.

(7) Eat nutritional foods

  • It is so so important to eat foods that are full of nutrition. I see a number of golfers eat hot chips, meat pies, cakes, donuts etc that have no nutrition in them. All you do is eat alot of calories and bad fats. Your body gets hungry because it is crying out for nutrients. Feed your body lots of protein, carbohydrates and good fats. Your body needs all three. Best example I can give you is eat 30% protein, 40% carbohydrates and 30% good fats. Low glycmemic foods are great as it releases energy slowly into the body. I also recommend eating Isagenix shakes, bars, slim cakes and fibre snacks. They are so full of nutrients that your body will love you and respond and perform at a better level. For more information go to

(8) Work on your mental game

  • This area most golfers neglect. I am not referring to the professional golf tour players. I am referring to the club golfer. People just don’t realize how important the mental side of golf really is. The mental side of golf is just as important as the physical technique of the game. The brain is a muscle and you need to train it like you do for your physical game.


 Would love to hear what kind of action you are taking to improve your golf game.

To your golfing success,

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Tiffany Mika

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