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Warm Up Routine For Before You Play Golf

Before you play your round of golf, do you warm up? If you answered yes, well done to you, if you answered no,  may I suggest that you begin a warm-up routine. Too often I hear golfers say “oh my first 3 holes were a disaster, I wiped those holes and I started to come good […]

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Getting Your Body Into Golf Shape

Playing good golf is not just about rocking up to the course, practice a few swings on the first tee, maybe a couple of putts on the practice green and then off you go. Golfers who don’t warm up properly, for example golfers who don’t stretch and don’t warm up the golfing muscles by hitting […]

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Why Should I Practice?

When I am teaching, I always ask my client, “What is it that you want to work on?” The main answer that comes back to me is that “I want more consistency”. So my question then is “How much time and effort are you willing to put into your practice?” Really give that some thought….how […]

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Practice Makes Perfect if Practicing the Right Way

I see too many people who will go out on the course and practice their game or on the practice range/driving range and will hit say 100 balls and think well that’s great I have hit 100 balls today, my game is getting better. I see these people practicing to their hearts content, which don’t get me […]

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Which Skill Should I Learn First?

That’s a really good question to ask isn’t it? Which golf skill should I learn first? After teaching many women golfers what I have found is that if you learn the more simple skills first your confidence grows about the game. So what is the most simple skill in golf? The answer is PUTTING Putting […]

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Reducing Injuries Playing Golf

It is important when playing golf that you want to limit the amount of injuries when playing as much as you can. Mentioned in my previous post, “Look after Your Body to Play Great Golf” the most important tool is not your Driver, it is YOU! So how do you protect your body from injury? […]

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Looking After Your Body to Play Great Golf

I see so many people who don’t give their body enough attention to help them play great golf. You can play great golf and enjoy the game immensely if you spend some time on improving your body’s physical fitness to allow your body to perform the necessary movements for an effective golf swing. Over the […]

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Benefits of Playing Golf

Ok so you have checked out “Why Play Golf” . You like the challenge that the golf game brings right? Not only the golf swing, we all know we have our own challenges with the golf swing… but do we need to? That’s another post for another day. But you like the challenges of the […]

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Why Play Golf?

Why Not Play Golf? Golf is a fascinating game! If you look at it conceptually it is easy. You play a stationary ball into 18 holes of a walk of about 5 to 6 kilometres. Sounds simple doesn’t it? There are just a few challenges along the way such as trees, water, bunkers, hazards, rough, […]

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