Benefits of Playing Golf

Ok so you have checked out “Why Play Golf” .

You like the challenge that the golf game brings right?

Not only the golf swing, we all know we have our own challenges with the golf swing… but do we need to? That’s another post for another day. But you like the challenges of the trees, bunkers, hazards, greens and so so much more.

What about the benefits of playing golf? What could you see the benefits being for you?

Firstly if you are like me, then it would be the fact of being outdoors and striking a ball with a club and getting the most pure feeling when you make contact with that ball. Just imagine you have hit the ball right in the sweet spot, the ball has come off the club face with so much ease, the whole body has worked just perfectly through the swing, then you watch the ball land exactly where you planned it! That would definately be a benefit don’t you think?

That is the ultimate benefit!

A Great Benefit for Golf is Exercise.

You are walking around a golf course for around four and a half hours, following that beautiful white ball you have hit. You walk around 4 to 6 kilometres and you will burn off around 350 calories per hour when you are pulling your golf bag and buggy. You will also be using muscles you never thought you had or had to use. The golf swing surely uses alot of muscles in the body. So if you are not keen to go to the gym to get a workout and you want something that is fun and challenging then this is what you have been searching for I am sure!

What About Fresh Air?

We live in a world that is polluted just about everywhere you turn on the road, But when you step on the golf course life is different, no cars, no smelly exhausts, just you and that fantastic white ball ready to be struck straight down the fairway. Being outdoors in the fresh air keeps your mind clear and clean then allows you to focus on just one thing getting the ball into the hole the best way you can!

Meeting New People

You will meet so many new people playing golf. It is a marvelous way to meet and get to know someone. You are out on the course with them for just over four hours, so you will see how they conduct themselves personally, how they communicate with you, how honest they are, are they courteous (golf etiquette) and the list can go on……. However what a great way to meet someone, you will really know whether you want to spend more time with this person or people you have met after your round. How many sports you play do you have time to get to know someone whilst competing against them?

Golf takes You to New Places

Yes golf does take you to the most spectular places in the world. I have played golf at so many different locations that I would not have gone sight seeing to explore the location I arrived at if it wasn’t for golf. For example, I have played golf at the Plantation Course, Kapalua, Maui, Hawaii. Wowee what a spectacular course. You not only play on the most impeccable course but if you stand on the tee, looking down the fairway to the green then beyond that you will see the bluest ocean and you will never want that moment to end. I live for those moments!

Please share with me the exciting places you have played with golf where you never wanted that moment to end.

Looking forward to reading your comments.

 To your golfing success,

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Tiffany Mika

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Tiffany Mika is incredibly passionate about golf and shares with you her knowledge about the game. She shows how you can have an exciting a life when you learn to play golf as you can travel the world playing exotic destinations and meeting lots of fantastic people who all share the same passion for golf.
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