Beginner Golfer-What is the Right Length for Golf Clubs?

How do you know what is the right length golf club for you?

Alot of golfers today are playing with clubs that are too long for them to play their best. Everyone is obsessed with more and more distance, so the longer the club the longer the distance, right? Not necessarliy! What if you can’t hit that club? What’s the point in having a longer club if you are struggling to hit it?

What I am doing for you here is to give you some simple tips to think about what club length you should consider expecially when you are about to take up the game and not knowing what to you need. There is so much information out there with golf manufacturers claiming that their equipment will help you hit a better ball because it is the biggest and the best out on the market.

People tend to assume that if you are over six feet two inches tall you will need a club that is an “inch over” standard length or if you are under 5 feet eight inches tall you will need clubs that are one “inch under” standard length. The length of golf clubs are not determined by your height!

The length of clubs are determined by your the length of your arms in relation to your height (i.e. your wrist measurement to the floor). There are a few other elements to take into consideration also such as your swing plane, your swing speed and ball striking ability. But when you have just begun you are still working out with your professional coach your swing and developing your swing speed.

What we are talking today however is about the length of the club. Below is the”Wrist to Floor Measurements for Initial Club Length”.

 Please note that all measurements are in inches.

Wrist to Floor 5 Iron Length Driver Length
27 to 29 inches 36.5 42
29 to 32 inches 37 42.5
32 to 34 inches 37.5 43
34 to 36 inches 38 43.5
36 to 37 inches 38.25 44
37 to 38 inches 38.5 44.25
38 to 39 inches 38.75 44.5
39 to 40 inches 39 44.75
40 to 41 inches 39.25 45
41 to 42 inches 39.5 45.5
Over 42 inches 39.75 & up 46 & up


As mentioned above their are other elements to take into consideration however this is the first, the wrist measurement to floor. In following posts I will be discussing swing planes, swing tempo with regard to club fitting.

Hope this post has been helpful, looking forward to your comments.


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  1. Claire O'Dwyer July 7, 2012 at 10:43 am #

    Really helpful info. I’m sure my driver is too long. Now off to do the measuring :0)

    • Tiffany Mika July 11, 2012 at 4:41 pm #

      Hi Claire, glad you liked the article. 🙂

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