Tiffany Mika  is incredibly passionate about golf and shares with you her knowledge about the game. She shows how you can have an exciting a life when you learn to play golf as you can travel the world playing exotic destinations and meeting lots of fantastic people who all share the same passion for golf.

 Tiffany discovered golf at the age of 34, had never played golf as a child but played other sports, tennis, being her other great love and took golf like ‘duck to water’. She has worked hard, knows what it is like to take up golf as an adult, she understands what challenges you face but can also give you her experience from learning the game in an easy to understand format.

Being a former professional tennis player, she has always been passionate about sport and sharing with her students the exciting world of sport, fitness and nutrition.

Tiffany has a Bachelors Degree in Human Movement Studies and is a Qualified Golf Teaching Professional and Tennis Teaching Professional.

 Outside of golf and teaching, Tiffany is married to her wonderful husband Ian who too loves to travel and play golf around the world. Tiffany did introduce golf to her mother Judith, who took up the game at the age of 60 and just can’t get enough of it!