#59 Web TV: Nullarbor Links – The World’s Longest Golf Course Australia – Day 2


Nullarbor Links – The Worlds Longest Golf Course – Day 2

Due to the time change which means we had gained a bit of time we were awake at 5am in the morning which would have been around 7am nsw time…

We stayed at Eucla overnight, since we got up so early we had a look around for a while before we made our way to the first hole for the day.

This next hole was just past the Eucla Roadhouse and 5km up a dirt road. You do have to drive off the main road for this hole. It was quite amazing when we arrived at first hole of the day.

This golf hole also shares with the rifle range…

Eucla Roadhouse – Nullarbor Links
Hole 7: Nullabor Nymph – Par 4 – 315m

This hole is wide open space and just completely flat. If you don’t say a word you can her the complete silence… You are in the middle of absolutely no where.

So this hole actually looked quite deceiving to me, it looked a lot further than 315m… But once we played our tee shot and arrived at the ball we then realized it wasn’t as far as we thought. 

What you need to do here is… Once you have played your tee shot you jump back in the car and drive along the dirt road along the side of the fairway. Shots to the green are pretty straight forward here you don’t have too much blocking your shot into the green.

Just make sure you tee up along the fairway, the fairway is made up of tufts of grass lots of dirt and broken discs from the rifle range.

Another synthetics grass green to putt. Again keeps it’s line, so lots of fun to putt on.

Mundrabilla Roadhouse – Nullarbor Links
Hole 8: Watering Hole – Par 4 – 330m

This hole is situated right behind the roadhouse.

It is a dogleg left, so you can follow the dusty fairway or you can cut the corner. We we were getting redy to tee off there were a few emus wandering around on the fairway but disappeared when we were ready to tee off.

So we cut the corner on this hole and had a 95 metre shot into the green. Again the green was synthetic grass the pin was to the middle right of the green. There are white posts with red reflectors on them that show you the way along the fairway .

Fairways,are not grass just mostly dirt and tufts of dry grass.

Madura Roadhouse – Nullarbor Links
Hole 9: Brumby’s Run – Par 3 – 125m

This hole is just in front of the roadhouse.

You tee off on the green synthetic grass mat, up towards the hole. Yes this is an uphill hole, so it’s handy to use one club longer than you normally would for this distance…remember it’s uphill. Yes there are some trees, on either side but you do have a pretty straight shot to the green.

The green is tiered so best to hit the ball to the middle of the green and allow the ball to run to the flag which is positioned to the back of the green.

Great par 3 hole, great fun to play.

Cocklebiddy Roadhouse – Nullarbor Links

Hole 10: Eagles Nest – Par 4 – 347m

There is a ladies tee on this hole…100 metres closer so it’s only 247m. Both of the tees are on a synthetic green square mat.

This hole is just past the motel units at this roadhouse.

From the tee it is pretty straight forward, you hit straight up the middle of the fairway then second shot onto the green. Sounds simple doesn’t it?

Except if you are my hubby, he likes a bit more adventure…he hit his shot left into the scrub on the left… What did he encounter a brown snake! He said his ball was just near it…but he thought he might prod it, just to check if it was dead as it had a funny smell…he was pretty certain it was dead. But through his better judgement he thought it was best to leave the ball and the snake where they are!

I did say to Ian…” it wouldn’t matter if you were 7 or 67 you guys still like to prod things…as boys do”! 

So if you hit it up the fairway you will be fine, the fairway is about 20 metres wide, so you will be fine. Synthetic grass green to finish off your putt.

Caiguna Roadhouse – Nullarbor Links
Hole 11: 90 Mile Straight – Par 4 – 310m 

This hole is called he 90 mile straight, not because the hole is 90 miles straight! Wow just imagine a hole that long…would take a bit of time to play that one.  It is called this because we are about to encounter the 90 mile straight road…completely straight.

The hole however is by no means straight. It is a dogleg left. So what you need to do here Is play the ball up the middle of the fairway, because you are really blind on the tee. Just check out on the hole sign before you tee off and trust the sign, that’s what it is there for.

There is a small bush right up the middle of the fairway, use that as your line as once you get past that you will see the green from there.

It’s about 100 m shot from the corner. 

It is a tricky one though as there are quite a number of trees on each side of the dirt fairway, and you have a narrow space to get through.

Once you get to the green the pin is left middle on synthetic grass turf.

Balladonia Roadhouse – Nullarbor Links
Hole 12: Skylab – Par 3 – 175m

Wow what do you say about this hole!!!!

The brief notes we got on this one was through scrub & beware of snakes.

Not for the faint hearted!

Now even though the sign explains why this hole is called sky lab, my interpretation is that you have to get the ball airborne, up over the trees and the scrub to get the ball down to the green.

The only way you can see the flag is I between a large tree on the right and a small scrub tree on the left , now in between it is a big red dot on a sign, once you spot that you can see the yellow flag just in front of it.

This I would say is the most challenging hole thus far, no room for error…just hit it straight up over the trees straight and you will be fine.

Oh yeah, beware of the snakes…we haven’t encountered one on this hole but they do suggest keep your eyes peeled.


 From here we drove to Fraser Range Sheep Station…it is another 90 kilometres drive in which we stayed for the night.

So that was the end of the second day. I hope you enjoy our second day of our Nullabor Links trip.

To your golfing success,

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Tiffany Mika

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  1. yvonne burnett November 26, 2013 at 8:38 pm #

    Hi Tiff

    we have traveled the nullarbor several time but have not played the golf course so I was very interested to see your video, I was told one had to take a piece of synthetic grass to put the ball on I can see why!!!

    Hope you continue to have a great time,

    cheers Yvonne

    • Tiffany Mika November 28, 2013 at 12:44 pm #

      Hi Yvonne

      Wow travelling the Nullarbor a few times?? Fantastic!!! I would love to do it a few times yet! It was amazing!

      You can just use tees, that’s what we did…teed up all the way! It was great fun!

      Cheers and thanks

      Tiff 🙂

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