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Importance of Your Golf Swing Grip

 Do you know how important your golf grip really is? People start to play golf and hold the grip in a way that feels comfortable to them without getting the right advice from a teaching professional. Unfortunately the problem with that is that some habits are already being formed, not necessarily the right habits. From […]

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What Does Lie Angle Mean?

You may have heard the term “lie angle” in golf. You are thinking what is lie angle? I have just been fitted up for a new set of clubs and my coach has said to me during that session we need to determine your lie angle. You are thinking I haven’t got a clue what that means […]

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The Ten Thousand Hours Rule for Practice

What I find amazing is that when people who have been playing golf for a period of time get frustrated with their golf as they feel that they are not improving. I ask them if they are practicing their skills, but majority of the golfers say that they don’t. They feel if they get out […]

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How Does Swing Plane Affect Golf Club Length

What is Swing Plane I hear you ask? Well, “Swing Plane” is an imaginary surface that describes the path and angle of the club during the swing. If you were to make a perfect upright swing it would look like a ferris wheel. Therefore how does your swing plane then affect golf club length? Golfers […]

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