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Know Your Distances

Very interesting question I had when I was teaching a golfer the other day when asking me about golf clubs. This person wanted to know what kind of hybrid they should get to fill the gap between their 5 wood and their 5 iron. I said “How far do you hit your 5 wood?”, the […]

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Play Golf In Gerringong

Just last week we made the trip down the South Coast of New South Wales to a lovely coastal town called Gerringong. It is only two hours drive south of Sydney. I don’t normally travel down south I like the north but we thought we would go and stay at a place we hadn’t been […]

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Create A Solid Base For Your Golf Swing

Surprisingly a number of golfers do not perform any type of fitness regime. However if they do, it is usually not golf specific. I really want to emphasise that when you are training for any sport you want to ensure that the training you are performing is sport specific. In this post I want to […]

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Where Should I Practice?

If you are a really keen golfer you will want to practice as much as you can for as much time as you can. First thing always to remember is that QUALITY PRACTICE is more important than quantity practice. When you start all you want  to do is to practice and get it right, but it […]

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Warm Up Routine For Before You Play Golf

Before you play your round of golf, do you warm up? If you answered yes, well done to you, if you answered no,  may I suggest that you begin a warm-up routine. Too often I hear golfers say “oh my first 3 holes were a disaster, I wiped those holes and I started to come good […]

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Getting Your Body Into Golf Shape

Playing good golf is not just about rocking up to the course, practice a few swings on the first tee, maybe a couple of putts on the practice green and then off you go. Golfers who don’t warm up properly, for example golfers who don’t stretch and don’t warm up the golfing muscles by hitting […]

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