#153 Web TV: How to Improve Your Concentration On The Golf Course

How to Improve Your Concentration On The Golf Course

Would you like to know how to better concentrate out on the golf course?

Did you say,  “yes Tiff! Yes, I really want to learn how to do it.”

Well, today I’m going to show you how to concentrate when you are on the golf course.
Now, it was about thirty-one days ago that I sent out a video to share with you how to better concentrate out on the golf course. I talked to you about meditating.

A really simple strategy, all you had to do was breathe in for four, hold for four, breathe out for four and hold for four. Something really simple and the challenge that I had for you was to do it over the thirty-one days, every day for five minutes a day.

Did you do it?

Did you say, “yes, I did do it Tiff! Yes, I was really diligent.”

When I put something out like that and people get all excited and say yes, I’m going to do it.

But, do you know what is really hard?

It’s actually hard just to make the effort to do it. It’s actually hard for you to sit for five minutes, can you believe it, five minutes, all you have to do is sit for five minutes and work on your breathing so that you can learn how to better concentrate.

Most people won’t do it, but I hope you did.

The reason that I wanted you to do that was to see if you were more aware about what was going on.

  • Were you aware that your mind had been distracted when you were doing your breathing technique?
  • Did that create any awareness for you?
  • Were you finding that when you were out playing and standing over the ball you started to lose a little bit of focus and could feel your mind wondering?
  • Was that happening for you?
    Or, were you finding that you were much calmer when you were playing?

Because, if you were feeling all this type of thing, then excellent. That means you have been doing the work, if you haven’t then I would suspect that you haven’t spent the thirty-one days just doing five minutes a day working on that specific technique.

Something so simple. I can’t stress it enough for you to actually go and do it.

So, what are we going to do and how are we going to continue that process?

Well, I’m going to assume that you have been meditating for your thirty-one days and I’m going to assume that you have the technique, the breathing technique sorted out.

I want you now to actually be aware of where your head is when you are standing over the ball. The reason I say that is because when people are actually playing and they set up for their shot and they go to play the shot, it’s like they don’t know what has just happened, the motion has been there, they had hit it and then go completely blank. They don’t know why they didn’t play the shot that well. The reason for that is because your mind has drifted off. You have started to think about something else.

Why has that happened? Well, that has shown us that you haven’t actually been focusing on what you need to be doing at that moment in time.

That’s the power of meditation. It teaches you not only how to bring yourself back, how to be aware of what’s going on, it teaches you how to stay focused in that moment in time. That is the power of it.

Like I said, I’m going to assume you have been working on it for the thirty-one days and what I want you to do is give me feedback on is the next round that you play, I want you to tell me where your awareness level was at when you were actually playing your game.

  • Were you aware and staying in the moment when you set up to your ball?
  • Or, did you find that your mind started to drift off when you were playing your shot?
  • Did you find that you were blank when you played your shot and then thought, what just happened, I have no idea?

Try and get into your head and work out where you were. Because if you are not here in this moment playing your shot, you are not focused on what is actually going on, are you?

You want to be able to have that performance when you come out onto the golf course and play to the best of your ability.

I can’t stress this enough because I really want you to apply this strategy. I talk to so many people about doing it, and they don’t do it, and they are still having the same problem. I have the same conversation with the same people saying the same thing.

Go and meditate for five minutes a day, start training your brain. Start learning how to better focus. That will create awareness for you. That will actually show you what’s going on with you, whether you are focused and in the moment and playing your shot and you are aware that you are here, or you are aware that you are not, because that is how you will be able to bring yourself back.

What about when you play a bad hole?

What happens then, you have all the stories that go on in your head. You talk to yourself, “oh yeh, that would be right, you’ve missed the ball. And it’s just constant, you know, you can do better than that you stupid idiot”, and all of that. Whatever it is that you are saying to yourself.

Suddenly it’s three holes later and you think what’s happened?

The annoying little voice that sits on your shoulder and says, “that would be right because you’ve made a mistake and now you have just lost three holes.”

Why have you wasted three holes, because you were not aware of what was going on. You are not focused on what’s going on.

The ability of being able to meditate is the ability to be able to bring yourself back when you start to lose it. It’s the ability of being aware of what’s going on and it’s the ability to actually stay in the moment.

I will stress to you, I have so much running in my head right now that I want to say to you but I’m not going to say everything, but I will stress that if you are not doing this simple meditation technique, you are not doing this simple breathing technique, you are not going to get the results you want.

It’s not just physical. You know it’s mental. I’m very passionate about this, as you can tell. It’s not physical, you need to start working and getting your head right. You get your head right, and your shots will work really well for you because you understand what you need to do here. You are no dummy. I know that you know and that you understand what you need to be doing with the skills but you’re not using your head effectively.

You are not training your mind and not teaching it what to do.

Don’t let your head control you. You control your mind!

The thing I want you to come back and tell me is, are you aware that you are actually present and in the moment playing your shot?

If you are not, what is it that you need to do to help fix that?

If you don’t know, write to me and I will shoot a video on it, so we can create a strategy around how to fix that.

I want you to meditate so that it creates awareness and help you to stay in the moment and help you get focus so you can actually achieve whatever it is that you want.

Have an absolutely awesome day, take care, and remember; Tee it high and Let it fly.

To your golfing success,
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Tiffany Mika

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10 Responses to #153 Web TV: How to Improve Your Concentration On The Golf Course

  1. Kim June 13, 2017 at 11:37 am #

    Started the 5 min meditation (got a bit slack in the last 10 days), but wow, it certainly improved my golf!
    I will continue to try and do it most days.
    Great mindfulness training for general every day living 🙂

    • Tiffany Mika June 18, 2017 at 12:36 pm #

      Hi Kim

      It’s definitely something to commit to. Even if you apply it Monday to Friday (that’s what I do), and do it as soon as you get up… in the quiet of the home is best… it makes a massive difference.

      And you are spot on ! Mindfulness for every day living! 😉


  2. Peta June 14, 2017 at 12:25 pm #

    I cant believe I have stuck at this 5 minute meditation. Sometimes I do it more than once a day. Funny i find it to be very calming and often when i awake at my witching hour of 3.30 and cant get back to sleep that is when i meditate. It isn’t long after that, that my mind is much more peaceful and I have drifted back to sleep.
    One of the things that I realized from meditating was how many thoughts were/are in my head. Although I try very hard to bring it back to breathe for four hold for four it is still running at a million miles an hour. So this has made me very aware of what happens on the course. I take the time to remind myself to focus. to think of one thing which is to hit the back of the ball, It brings my attention to the present. I complete my swing and more times than not i hit the back of the ball and then I let my mind do whatever it wants. Up until the next time I address the ball. I cannot say categorically that it is the meditation that has improved my handicap but II think without the meditation all the practise, lessons and playing would not have been nearly as beneficial. Am proud to say that my handicap at Nambucca when I started in Feb of this year was 43. It is now down to 38. For the first time I feel like I am starting to play golf. See you on the gold Coast

    • Tiffany Mika June 18, 2017 at 12:40 pm #

      Hi Peta

      What a massive breakthrough! yes I know you have a very busy mind. But as you have proved that you know how to bring yourself back! Which is absolutely awesome!

      Definitely the combination of practice and lessons have contributed to your handicap reduction… and a definite application in learning to quiet your mind and awareness that has been created has been a major part of the handicap reduction too. I believe that whole heartedly.

      Well done to your commitment! Looking forward to seeing you on the Gold Coast very soon xx

      Tiff 😉

  3. Jenelle Sanna June 14, 2017 at 5:45 pm #

    Thanks for the reminder Tiff. I know how important meditation is for all facets of our busy lives, but I’m totally guilty of dropping the habit! I am going to start again now. And yes, I am starting to feel already a better concentration when I’m standing over the ball and more of a calmness than I use to before I started applying the the power of meditation. Keep stressing it and it will eventually get through to us!!!
    Have to go now and meditate!

    • Tiffany Mika June 18, 2017 at 12:43 pm #

      Hi Jenelle

      I think if the reminder is not there… and the commitment hasn’t totally been there because we have allowed the business in our lives take over… then it’s time for awareness and some effort to be placed on ourselves. It’s it wonderful that you have acknowledged that some more effort need to be applied. Better for you all round!

      Tiff 😉

  4. Kerrie June 22, 2017 at 4:44 pm #

    Fantastic wake up call Tiff! I meditate all the time and know the benefits but do sometimes forget when I’m on the golf course to put it into practice. Yesterday I had a wonderful 20 points on the front 9 and fell to pieces on the back 9 and came in with a lousy 11. I realise after just watching your video that my awareness was probably in the wrong place. Cheers.

    • Tiffany Mika June 24, 2017 at 1:43 pm #

      Hi Kerrie

      This is great that you do meditate anyway… but the breakthrough you have had is your awareness on the golf course. Well done to you for acknowledging and identifying it. It will be interesting to see how you go in the future now that you are more aware.

      Tiff 🙂

  5. Jill Barnes June 23, 2017 at 12:05 pm #

    Tiff I have been doing the breathing exercises for 31 days & found that to be so beneficial just in everyday life but yes also on the golf course. Took a long time to get it right but worth sticking to it. Now to visualize the shot and feel it!!!!

    • Tiffany Mika June 24, 2017 at 1:48 pm #

      Hi Jill

      That is excellent news well done for your persistence. Takes a bit of time but enormous benefits come from it.

      Thanks for sharing this with me.

      Tiff 🙂

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